Friday, 23 November 2012

LITTLE DID I KNOW............

You were unfaithful, and you care less
Thought you are the worst till I met him
Tainted by the ridiculous mess
Created by the decision taken on a whim

Now I see the care, I feel the fear
Understanding dawn too late.
Now I can share, Stopped the tear
Love even turned to hate

I hope you are happy, be at peace
Working on a clean slate
No more blame, so be at ease
Written in the cosmos, so its fate

When we see, surely we will
What will I see, pity or respect
How will it feel, bade me no ill
My heart knows, you were the elect

One more journey, the last I pray
All lessons learnt, put to use I hope
Little did I know, gone astray
Better reasoning this I hope 

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Ride on the wings of our praise
Our voices to you we raise
Where will we be without you
Though difficult times we go through.

When confused, scared and alone
Your grace will take us home
When in doubt, in debt and jittery
Your strength ensures victory.

Our faith, though weak
Your words yet we speak
‘Cos it fails not
Uprooting the rot

Redeemer unto you we call
Crucified to save us all
Faithful father, lord of lords
Not with you should we be at odd

Our hope of glory
When things go awry
Unto you we pray
Our voices we raise.
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Thursday, 4 October 2012


                          ALONE AND NOT AFRAID

You can go wherever you like

Freewill to do whatever you want

Many trails to go on a hike

Like a bone after which a dog pant


Character sharpened

Habits more pronounced

Personality shown

The weak blown


No one to hold you back

No one to worry about

Time and days merge together,

It seems it will go on forever.


Like a magnet you attracts

Like a flower they perch

Like nectar they suck

Like bees they swam

Mostly for what they can get

Reap where they did not sow

Truly, time to be wise

Because of the ‘morrow


                              What you do when you are alone shows the kind of person you really are. Some will go astray and some will become wiser. Watch and pray.

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Monday, 24 September 2012


Unto our creator we all look
For help from trials that shook
When confused His face we seek
The storm blew hard, all bleak
Helpless against the fear
Downwards roll the tear

A strong tower in time of trouble
When calamity comes in double
When life happens and we fumble
The light bright yet we tumble
Tired and helpless we mumble
Holding on to Him else we crumble

His powers told
His promises I hold
His mercies not sold
Oh what a great comfort
For His joy spread forth
Peace like sweet broth

 Bimbethy ‘12

Thursday, 23 August 2012


          I don’t miss you, not anymore.  I don’t love you, not anymore the bad memories at the end have washed away the feelings. There really wasn’t any memory to look back to anyway. No special outing, no special place, nothing of yours in my house, no picture of you on my wall. We never prayed together, we never cried together. We never danced together, we never sang together.
                             You made your choice, it wasn’t me, I understand no hard feelings. I wish you no evil, I actually prayed for you. I wonder though, why her and not me? She is not as beautiful or as educated, not as knowledgeable or as good a cook. I don’t think she loves you as much as I did, is she as caring? Again I ask, why her and not me.
                            I look into your eyes and all I can see is love, joy and excitement such as I have never seen before. With me you were cold, reserved even forlorn, but here you are, so happy and contented. You never introduced me as your date but here you are literarily shouting to the world that she is yours, why her and not me.
                         I look into your eyes I see your love for her I see you smile at her like you never did for me, I see you play with her like u never did with me,  what makes her different from me? You respect her independence yet you call me stubborn. You will buy the world for her if you can yet you weren’t generous to me. What makes her different from me?
              You said you weren’t ready to settle down , you said you have things you need to sort out first but when you met her, all you could think of is forever with her.  Today, you made her yours for better or worse, your happiness is obvious for the world to see. You are the most unromantic man I have ever met, yet you made an effort to write a poem for her.  I heard you took her to the movies!!! Wow! You don’t have time to watch a movie remember? Well, that’s what you told me even though it was in the comfort of your house.
Well, it’s over and done with but I can’t help but wonder, why her and not me.

       Unanswered questions of a jilted woman