Thursday, 23 August 2012


          I don’t miss you, not anymore.  I don’t love you, not anymore the bad memories at the end have washed away the feelings. There really wasn’t any memory to look back to anyway. No special outing, no special place, nothing of yours in my house, no picture of you on my wall. We never prayed together, we never cried together. We never danced together, we never sang together.
                             You made your choice, it wasn’t me, I understand no hard feelings. I wish you no evil, I actually prayed for you. I wonder though, why her and not me? She is not as beautiful or as educated, not as knowledgeable or as good a cook. I don’t think she loves you as much as I did, is she as caring? Again I ask, why her and not me.
                            I look into your eyes and all I can see is love, joy and excitement such as I have never seen before. With me you were cold, reserved even forlorn, but here you are, so happy and contented. You never introduced me as your date but here you are literarily shouting to the world that she is yours, why her and not me.
                         I look into your eyes I see your love for her I see you smile at her like you never did for me, I see you play with her like u never did with me,  what makes her different from me? You respect her independence yet you call me stubborn. You will buy the world for her if you can yet you weren’t generous to me. What makes her different from me?
              You said you weren’t ready to settle down , you said you have things you need to sort out first but when you met her, all you could think of is forever with her.  Today, you made her yours for better or worse, your happiness is obvious for the world to see. You are the most unromantic man I have ever met, yet you made an effort to write a poem for her.  I heard you took her to the movies!!! Wow! You don’t have time to watch a movie remember? Well, that’s what you told me even though it was in the comfort of your house.
Well, it’s over and done with but I can’t help but wonder, why her and not me.

       Unanswered questions of a jilted woman