Thursday, 8 March 2012

God speaks to us in diverse ways but it takes a spiritually sensitive person and a discerning spirit to hear. Sometimes though, the holy spirit impresses on our mind things which we may other wise have overlooked. I had such an experience during the weekend, and i believe it will touch someone too. I wanted to prepare a small stew so i decided to buy pepper and tomato nearby. On my way, i saw a boy hawking the very ingredients that i needed but i said the quantity will be small and decided to continue to the neighbourhod pepper seller (thinking i will get better ones and opportunity of getting "jara" too) but alas! The first place i got to, they dont have, in the second place the tomato was irritating, then i thought of the hawker who by now had gone far. I moved on to another seller who only had just two(2) sets of Tomato left and they are not as fresh as the one that was being hawked. SUCH IS LIFE, those were my exact words on that day and up till now i couldnt get it out of my mind. While in search of the "better" we allow the "just fair" to go by, and sometimes, just like the tomato, WE MAY NOT GET AT THE NEXT STOP OR WE MAY GET THE ONE THAT IS NOT EVEN MANAGEABLE OR (thats if we are even lucky) WE MAY END UP WITH "JUST FAIR" that we thought was what we saw initially. In the mean time we waste time, walk longer distance and possibly in the hot sun(it was scorching that day), yet we still wouldnt get up to what we desired not to talk of the hope of the better that we envisioned. Think back on those admission opportunity (ies) you lost because of various reasons and you ended up settling for "any course" at last. Think back on those employment opportunity (ies) that passed by because you thought you deserve better and eventually you had to settle for less. Think back on those relationship(s), the man/ woman you let go because you think the next one will be better, and it NEVER was or you end up with less. Hmmmmn, give it a thought, reach ur own conclusion. Shalom.