Thursday, 4 October 2012


                          ALONE AND NOT AFRAID

You can go wherever you like

Freewill to do whatever you want

Many trails to go on a hike

Like a bone after which a dog pant


Character sharpened

Habits more pronounced

Personality shown

The weak blown


No one to hold you back

No one to worry about

Time and days merge together,

It seems it will go on forever.


Like a magnet you attracts

Like a flower they perch

Like nectar they suck

Like bees they swam

Mostly for what they can get

Reap where they did not sow

Truly, time to be wise

Because of the ‘morrow


                              What you do when you are alone shows the kind of person you really are. Some will go astray and some will become wiser. Watch and pray.

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