Friday, 23 November 2012

LITTLE DID I KNOW............

You were unfaithful, and you care less
Thought you are the worst till I met him
Tainted by the ridiculous mess
Created by the decision taken on a whim

Now I see the care, I feel the fear
Understanding dawn too late.
Now I can share, Stopped the tear
Love even turned to hate

I hope you are happy, be at peace
Working on a clean slate
No more blame, so be at ease
Written in the cosmos, so its fate

When we see, surely we will
What will I see, pity or respect
How will it feel, bade me no ill
My heart knows, you were the elect

One more journey, the last I pray
All lessons learnt, put to use I hope
Little did I know, gone astray
Better reasoning this I hope 

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