Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Like a thief in the night you stole my heart
You crept in so slow I didn’t know.
With bated breath I awaited your calls
Every thought wrapped around your being
Time and time again I wanted to shout
Go to the highest mountain and scream
I am his, I am his, I am his. So was the joy.

At last, I have my dream come true
Or so I thought. as it eventually played out
It was a dream and it remains a dream.
Alone! After the dust settled,
I look back and asked, why?
Why were you so much in my heart?
While I barely touched yours!

I know it’s for the best
The heart says differently.
At first I was relieved
Then I thought Alas!
Why give up so easily?
Fight for love, fight for love
But can you fight for what didn’t exist?

What is long gone, long even before it ends
It never was. It was just a mirage, an illusion.
You are free, go and be happy
One day I hope it will be worth it.
The wait is long and hard
But I am glad you are in a better place
So will I, I hope.

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