Monday, 25 February 2013



"You distracts me" He said. what can I say to that? I feel the same but I can't say it. I pretend not to know what he is talking about.

           The well trimmed beards covering half of his face makes him constantly looking like he just got off the bed. Long slim fingers, white teeth and fresh breath. 

                 Without any doubt he is handsome, hard working and ambitious, like me. Intelligent and soft spoken, all the 'dangerous' things that usually makes me lose my senses.

        I look into his eyes, its clearly written. The thirst. Its been obvious from the first day he came to submit a copy of his transfer letter to me, 11 months ago. As the weeks turn to months and we continue working together the feelings grow deeper, silent, forbidden and strong.


Fingers touch while exchanging documents, the heated look across the cubicle, the unspoken works along the corridor. The sound of his voice.

It has always been there, its now being verbally acknowledged. But the obstacles are too many... and something this deep shouldn't be stolen


To be continued.......☺ ***IN LUST***

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