Tuesday, 8 January 2013


                              Each day rolls into another and the desires remain the same. I just want to be left alone, be in charge of my time and things. Wake up when I like and sleep when I want. Read what I like and buy what I want, answer to no one except God.
                             Unfortunately, life is not like that and no man is an island. There are friends to call, visit and really care about. There are expectations to meet and a future to plan for.  There are people who genuinely care about me that I need to let in, of course there are those who just want what they can get. How to differentiate between the two? I don’t know.

                           No matter what though, life cannot be lived in doldrums, the good and the bad walks hand in hand, it takes God’s grace to walk right and that’s what I need. 
                          Life they say is in phases, so for now, I will just enjoy this time and season and pray that the next phase will not be stifling.
      *shine on*
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