Monday, 23 July 2012


        The dust from the first settled and the crack in the floor bed was clearly seen, it was understandable and the events brought out new meaning. Lessons were learnt and the progression seemed favorable, blame was accepted and the dice was thrown it came to rest in the proper/best hand.  The vow was made never to wear the dirty cloths again and all seem at rest.
                     Then out of the blue in the most unlikely place a diamond was found. It seemed so surreal like an illusion created by the mind. A prize gleaming like a shining star standing apart in a galaxy of its own untouched by the muck where it was seen. Warm to the eyes though cold to the touch, the reason was known and it was understandable. Fantasies reigned, imagination ran haywire. The frozen lake melted, the heart skipped like a gazelle, it looks like home. 

         Efforts were put in place to understand how best to handled the diamond, though cold to the touch but the task to polish it till shone was taken with gladness, it seemed doable. Alas! emotion takes over, the dam broke and the ship could not stay afloat or head to the berth.

                   It hit with the force not so surprising but painful all the same. So many questions never asked. So many things never known, the cocoon was opened, left in the cold to shiver. It seemed impossible at first but as the hours increases the reality became clearer. Too effortless therefore it has no value or so it seem. Just like the first, easily forgotten. Though unlike the first, no obvious faults except for reckless abandon and lack of good judgment.

              Definitely more than the ordinary, not in a fancy package but a walk through the aisle of a super market shows that its being noticed, available, desirable yet still on the shelve. The cosmos seem to be involved in an abyss of conspiracy so deep.  The clock tick tock tick tock away down the hall, a companion to the resounding silence that followed.

    The first was a near miss, focused but unsure, understanding dawn too late, the zodiac sign an indicator, Cancer believed u will stay if truly wanted. It would have been perfect, like looking at a mirror image.  Naivety struck like a fist on a cheek, emotion took over, and the warning was ignored. Ego so big it was like a hunch back. Humility ran out the door, pride took over. Oh! What a path to trek. The second was a mystery, so many unknown parameters, how will the equation be solved?

       So all that remain are memories so few it could be counted on one hand. The curtain came down the drama all but forgotten, or not?  Standing in the cold on a lone street, scared of anyone coming from the horizon, who will it be? A good Samaritan or a robber?

             The chronicle for when the cloud clears and the time tells on the memory. Wrapped to be unveiled later, with an attempt to decipher the thoughts and feeling behind the words.
A page in the memoir.

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