Friday, 8 June 2012


                                 “I MUST NOT ENDURE THE PAINS IN NIGERIA AND GO TO HELL”
                     I love Nigeria as a country, diverse in tribes, cultures and languages yet we are still together. Meaningful and melodious national anthem, lovely national colour, great weather and climatic condition in general. A GREAT PLACE TO BE (IF ALLOWED TO BE AS GOD WANTED IT).Our level of endurance is more than words can express. Less than what we are experiencing here in our fatherland happened in other countries and they almost annihilate themselves through civil wars and general unrest. Liberia, Rwanda, Sudan, Libya, Uganda (all in Africa) etc tells the story.
                      Boko Haram attack has become a familiar thing; kidnapping is now acceptable in some quarters as a means of making ends meet. Ritualists are not left behind and cannibalism too is now trending in some areas. Bribery and Corruption is seen as the norm, there is no single aspect of live in Nigeria that is free from negativity. Even religion has a fair share in the monstrosity called evil that permeates all areas of society.
                    Right from birth to the day the last breath is drawn, you struggle on a daily basis to be a success. Going to school is an ordeal, right from the elementary level to the tertiary level. Being brilliant and studious is not a guarantee of success. There is a popular saying that he who passes an exam is regarded as the brilliant one. Most tertiary institutions are operating the policy of “no money no good grades” the least person in the class may become the first to get a great job “no be who u sabi?” Nigeria, a country where the end justifies the means!!!
                   The house of God has been turn to a society gathering, the more u contribute the more u are recognized. It doesn’t matter whether God recognizes u in heaven as a child as long as the pastor/reverend/Bishop recognizes you. Being a worker in church is now seen as an evidence of been born again. Some people can go to church every day for ten years but cannot pay the school fee of an orphan for one term though they can afford to give a pastor part of their salary monthly. Mind you I am not saying it’s wrong to work in the house of God or give to His servant, but are you doing the right thing for the right purpose? Fraudulent activities and corruption can now be explained away as long as you pay the tithe. Hmmmmn God is watching in high definition (3HD).
                       Sexual immoralities are seen as the ‘in’ thing, if you are not having sex outside marriage, u are regarded as dull or not “tap’.  Nudity and pornography is acceptable to most people, easy access to the internet has become a tool for Nigerians both old and young to do perverse things, social networks is now an opportunity to cheat on partners (both emotionally and physically). The anonymity some social networks afford encourages perverse desires and fantasies to play out. 
                      But a question we need to ask ourselves now is that, after all the struggles, unfairness, losses, disappointments, setbacks and failures, would it not be a shamed to end up in hell?

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