Thursday, 24 May 2012


              This life as we all know is full of ups and downs, uncertainties are order of the day and change is inevitable. For some, life (living) is easier, smoother while some finds it more difficult. Motivational speakers are everywhere giving tips and steps to be what we desire to be but the truth is that there is no one solution to similar problems because no two situations are exactly alike.
             There are so many proverbs, idioms and wise sayings pointing to the fact that there is no self help anywhere in the world. The saying goes that “he who fail to plan, plan to fail” but then, what happens to the plans that failed?, another one says  “a man dies the day he stops dreaming” but then what happens to those dreams that never come to reality?
           The bible says that the race is neither to the swift nor the strong…. Ecc 9:11, that means no matter how much we plan or dream etc we still have no power over our lives, the final say rest with God. So, the question is, why plan when u may fail? Why dream when it may not come to pass? What can you do when: The level of work you put in to something does not determine the level of result, When less may mean more and more may mean less. It seems the righteous are suffering and the wicked are having a good life. When sorrow and pains are like shadows, happiness and joy are so flitting and fragile because it may not last and can be shattered at the blink of an eye.
                Life itself is so unfair and scary, no wonder a pastor of mine said years ago that THE REWARD SYSTEM IN HEAVEN IS A MYSTERY. We really do not have an idea if the good seed planted will grow as at when needed if it grows at all. NO ONE KNOWS TOMORROW.
              In view of all the difficulties, pains, uncertainties, helplessness and fear we encounter in our sojourn on this earth what should we do? Should we sit down and play possum while we allow life to kick us in the butt? NO!
             The answer is NO! We must keep on “keeping on”.  We must keep pushing (praying until something good happen), we keep dreaming, planning and hoping for the best. Even when we fail, we get over it (any positive way we can) and keep moving forward. When we fall, we rise again. When we lose, we risk again.
            It is the blessing of God alone that makes rich and adds no sorrow…… prov 10:22. It’s only what God does that is permanent; nothing can be added to it or anything taken from it…. Ecc 3:14.
             So, even in the darkest of night, the deepest of fear, the greatest of pain and the most of disappointment, NEVER give up! Look unto God and hope that MERCY speaks for us all as we approach the throne of grace. Shalom!


  1. The saying goes that “he who fail to plan, plan to fail” but then, what happens to the plans that failed?, what a question ?